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Amazon Prime Big Deal Day Halloween and Home Finds

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Best Deals of The (Leap) Year!

As if getting a day for free wasn’t already the best deal ever… there’s more! On February 29th, there’s a whole bunch of special promotions, discounts and sales available for savvy shoppers. From hotel accommodations to a whole day at Disneyland, this Leap Day is full of deals so good, you’ll leap for joy! Here are five awesome specials we found for you: Children’s Place

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Turn Your Child’s Art Into a Beautiful Memory Book

My eldest daughter is now in Kindergarten and the preschool days are behind her. Sniff, sniff. I kept every scribble, every restaurant coloring place mat, every Froot Loop necklace in a box. A BIG box. I love her art! I celebrate her art! Someday I’ll have to give that giant box to her, plus another 10, full of elementary school art. And then there is the awkward junior high art… and those boxes will most likely sit in her garage until she has to tearfully throw them all away because she’s moving to an apartment in New York. SO sad.