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Vegan Apple Pie Recipe

Its thankful month! How wonderful is it that we get to celebrate food, family and thankfulness in November?!This is the time of year I miss the basement I had growing up. Just thinking about it, summons up the scent in my mind. What a perfect place to store apples, potatoes, and onions for winter! When I think of basements, I am always reminded of my grandmothers. She called it the cellar… and …

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I Heart Guys

I was in elementary school in the suburbs in the early eighties, when kids could still ride bikes to their friends houses, walk alone to school, and play outside in the summer until it got dark and the fireflies began to light up the sky.

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How to Care for Leather Handbags

A quality leather handbag can add a touch of elegance and flair to any outfit. To ensure that your potentially expensive leather accessory looks as nice the 100th time you use it as it did the first, you must carefully protect your fashion investment. By following proper care and cleaning practices, you can reduce the likelihood that your leather handbag falls victim to avoidable damage and increase the life span of your favorite tote.