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Home Remedy for Cleaning Drains

Grime and buildup often occurs in drains, both in the sinks and bathtubs. Reaching for a commercial drain cleaner is the solution for many people, but a more natural, homemade drain cleaner saves you money and might be healthier for your family. A home remedy for clearing your drains is generally safer, but there are certain safety considerations, even when working with materials from around the house.

4 mins read

Making Your Own “Mommy Escape” Space at Home

As a mother or a single parent, you work harder than anyone else. You may feel frazzled or frustrated for not getting enough time to yourself, especially if you have young children that need constant attention. But don’t fret – there is a way make sure you get time to yourself, no matter how young your children are. It just takes some very careful planning and cooperation.

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10 Energy-Saving Laundry Tips

The never-ending pile of laundry also drives up energy consumption in the home. Simple changes to your laundry washing and drying routine mean less energy used. This translates to more money saved, a benefit everyone can appreciate. Eco-friendly and budget-friendly laundry techniques don’t require much extra effort or time, making them fit into a family’s busy lifestyle.

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Child Bathtub Safety

Most parents take precautions when bringing their babies and young children to the pool. It is just as easy, however, for a child who is 6 years or younger to drown in a bathtub. Whenever your child is around any sort of water environment, including a bathtub or a bucket of water, you need to be there to provide supervision.