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Child Behavior Problems With an Absent Mother

Ideally, children are raised with two loving parents to care for and support them. In some instances, however, this is not the case. When a child is left motherless as a result of divorce, separation or death, the child may experience problems associated with this absence. By understanding and preparing for these problems, fathers and other concerned friends and relatives can more effectively help the child cope with his mother’s absence.

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How to Create a Child’s Behavior Chart

Altering or shaping a child’s behavior takes incentive, consistency and patience. Creatively find ways to encourage your child to behave the way you desire, such as with a behavior chart. Ask Dr. Sears and the National Center for Learning Disabilities (LD) both recommend behavior charts that offer tangible rewards when your child exhibits desired behavior. Dr. Sears advises making the charts fun, changing them often, hanging them in a highly visible location and getting your child involved in creating and maintaining the chart.