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Behavioral Problems in Teenagers

Parenting teens is difficult work even when your kids have only minor behavioral problems. Nearly every teen has challenging moments, whether it’s as simple a problem as missing a curfew or as potentially serious as drug or alcohol abuse. With a bit of luck and some understanding, you can see your teen through these years with both your sanity and your relationship intact.

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What Is Behavioral Family Intervention?

For families experiencing extreme stress relative to behavior issues, behavioral family intervention offers a long-term, therapeutic approach. Many parent training programs offered through social service agencies, educational programs and private counselors utilize aspects of behavioral family intervention to treat everything from severely disruptive behavior to mental health issues. Some clients utilize these programs for years, while others attend a few sessions to acquire the tools to do a more self-directed program.

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Common Behavioral Problems in Children

While you would prefer it if your children behaved perfectly all the time, bad behavior as a child grows should be expected from time to time. Some behavioral problems, such as biting or temper tantrums, are usually simply a part of childhood, while other behavioral problems, such as excessive anger or hyperactivity may need special treatment.

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Teaching Children With Behavioral Problems

Kids with behavioral problems can present a challenge for their teachers; however, that challenge exists for each one of these children as well. Children who are not compliant and exhibit behavior problems in the classroom most often are kids looking for help, for answers to their problems or for positive reinforcements about their self worth.

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Behavioral Problems in Preschool Children

Parents can have a better idea of whether a child’s behavior is normal if they know what to expect. Since not all children are predictable and easy going, what defines normal childhood behavior varies and depends on a child’s age, developmental stage and own personality. Behavioral problems among preschoolers may involve long-lasting temper tantrums, disruptive behavior or both physical and verbal aggression.