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Back Acne During Pregnancy

By the time you’re a few months into your pregnancy, you’ll know whether you’re one of the lucky few who have the legendary pregnancy glow or whether you’ll spend the next six months battling acne, like you did back in high school. If you’re plagued with pregnancy breakouts on your back and shoulders, they’ll most likely disappear a few months after your baby’s birth, but a few basic steps will help you avoid unsightly spots.

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Severe Acne During Pregnancy

Severe acne probably wasn’t the type of “glow” you were hoping for during your pregnancy. Unfortunately, for many expecting mothers, acne is often worse early in pregnancy, clearing up the closer you get to your due date. Although many treatment options for acne are off limits while you’re pregnant, there are still ways you can get clearer skin.

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I Promise To Let You Have Ugly Hair

I recently spent time around a table with some older and wiser mothers. Conversation soon turned to teenagers. I envied my own budding members of this often maligned demographic, who sat on the hostess’ matching recliners, lost in competition on their iPods, while the battle-worn women told of children morphing into angry, emotionally unstable – even abusive – teens.

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Fight Pimples With Murad’s Acne Treatment Products

Did you know that June is Acne Awareness Month?As if you could ever possibly NOT be aware of that giant pimple that always pops up on your chin or forehead the morning of an important presentation at work or your kid’s back-to-school night!Here are three ways to treat, prevent and cover up those nasty blemishes that make you feel like your back in high school:Spot Treatment:Instead of typical treatments that …