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Help Care For Animals Injured By Fire

Last week the Butte Fire in Amador and Calaveras counties ravaged my hometown communities. Calaveras took the biggest beating, with many of the 75,000 acres burned and 545 residences/356 outbuildings lost, in that county. County lines have all but diminished however, with families and local businesses from both pulling together to help those impacted by…

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Nia Vardalos on Adoption and Becoming an “Instant Mom”

When I found out Id get to interview Academy Award nominated screenwriter and (fabulous) actress Nia Vardalos, I actually let out a girlie squee. This wasn’t just because shed written and starred in two of my favorite movies – My Big Fat Greek Wedding and My Life in Ruins. Mainly, I knew wed get along because of three things: 1. We are both Libras 2. We both love Imagination Movers (and think theyre hot)