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Process of a Surrogate Pregnancy

The process of surrogate pregnancy is complicated. The application process is extensive, getting matched with potential parents can be stressful and carrying a baby to term only to turn it over to the new parents can be emotional. Specific laws vary from state to state, but the general process is the same regardless of your location. Understanding what is involved with surrogate pregnancy will allow you to make an informed decision regarding surrogate pregnancy in your life.

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Celebrity Mom Tattoos — Who Has What…

Who ever said moms cant be edgy and cool? Famous moms are leading the new wave of edgy motherhood, sporting tattoos of all shapes and sizes. As many celebs know, a carefully placed tattoo can enhance certain body parts and features, especially in photographs. But many celeb moms opt for tattoos because of their special meanings, sometimes getting their kids or husbands names permanently inked on their bodies. Others choose more indirect meanings, perhaps using ancient symbols. Here are the top celeb mommy tattoos uncovered: