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Cute Room Ideas for Teenage Girls

A bedroom makeover lets your teen express herself through her room decor. A style or theme to guide the room decoration makes it easier to plan out your design and keep it looking cohesive. Most teens have strong preferences for bedroom design, so consult with your child to come up with the decorating style together.

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Hindu Names for Baby Girls

Whether you want to honor your culture and heritage or if you are in thrall of all things Indian, choose a Hindu name for your baby girl so that her name has a special meaning. Many Hindu families choose these names to ensure their children stay on the righteous path throughout life, as most Hindu names are the names of deities or have other religious significance. A common Hindu belief is that calling out a holy name constantly can bring you closer to “moshka,” or release the death and rebirth cycle.

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Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girls

Like it or not, a 10-year-old girl’s birthday is the beginning of the dreaded preteen and teenage years. Boys, clothes and long phone calls will likely pepper your life with drama starting soon and into the next decade or so. If your culture includes a formal ceremony, use this birthday as an opportunity to celebrate her entrance into womanhood. The teen years won’t last long. They will soon melt into her lifelong adult years. Celebrate with style.