2 mins read

Birthday Party Ideas for 1-Year-Old Boys

Your little prince is already a 1-year-old. He is developing a spunky personality and is already running away from you. Invite his favorite friends, cousins and neighbors for an afternoon of running, playing, tumbling and running off all that excess energy that little boys tend to collect. Parties for little boys don’t have to be too intricate. Give the boys space to explore, and they will be happy babies.

3 mins read

Ideas for a Great 14th Birthday Party

A 14th birthday party requires some thoughtful planning. Encourage your child to make some of the key decisions for the event, including the guest list, the timing and the theme, but make sure the ideas meet with your budget and your approval. Teenage birthday parties often contain the same elements as those for younger children, including decorations, food, cake and activities, but the elements are less cartoon and more “cool,” often with pop culture references.