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The Best Bathing Suits for Different Body Types

Bathing suit shopping is an annual tradition most women dread, from fitting rooms to trying to find a flattering suit. If you know where to start shopping, you can find the best bathing suit for your body. Different suits flatter different body types, but a swimsuit that looks good, fits well and functions nicely can make your outings to the pool or beach relaxing and fun.

3 mins read

Lingerie by Body Type

In many cultures flaws are considered beautiful. However, few people are thrilled about their large thighs, freckled chest or dimpled buttocks. All the same, your less-than-perfect parts should never make you feel like anything less than a vixen. Wearing lingerie that fits your body type wipes away all the timidity that comes with being exposed and brings out the Aphrodite within.

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Body Type Fashion Advice

When shopping for clothes, it is important to remember not to be swayed by a fashion trend that is wrong for your body type. No matter how “in” a piece of clothing is, it will look sloppy and ill constructed when put on a body it was never meant to complement. These tips will help you find clothing that will work for your body.