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Pumpkin-Shaped Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Three cheers for fall! This past week was nothing out of the ordinary but more of a quiet wonderful all the same. I took my daughter to her second dance class of the season. The girls are so adorable you cant help but sit there with a smile on your face. We also checked out some local gymnastics places because my daughter is interested in that too. She has great upper body strength which she absolutely did not get from me.

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Brooke Burke: “Just Another Manic Monday”

Do you ever have one of “those” days? Brooke shares a snapshot of her “manic Monday” last week:6:00am – Wake up four grumpy kids. The hubby is out of town, so no help in the house. Trying to do my best super-mom impression, I whip up some egg white zucchini omelets on sliced whole wheat bread with provolone cheese for two of my kids. Then make the other two fried eggs with 2-inch sliced …

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The Best BlackBerry Games

Aside from its powerful functions such as mobile email connection and office tools and software, the BlackBerry has a fun side to it as well. Access games and entertainment features on your BlackBerry while relaxing from a hard day’s work. Download some of the best BlackBerry games available and mix business with fun and pleasure.