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Christmas in July: It’s Never Too Early to Get Organized!

There is sand in your shoes and ice cream melting on the back porch. As you pack the cooler and the boogie board for a trip to the beach, the last thing on your mind right now is stuffing stockings. Christmas may be many months away, but the summer can be a great time of the year to nab some extra time to plan ahead. Work has slowed down, schools are closed, and most people have a little extra time in their schedules. Little things, such as checking your address list for changes so you wont be panicked for Uncle Bobs new address in Florida, can make a surprisingly big difference later. Another bonus to planning ahead? Money savings. These days, most of us are looking for ways to save a few bucks, so if you start crafting your gift list, you can pick up items that might be on sale. If you make your list now, youll even have the time to check it twice!

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6 Ways To Keep Your Child’s Bathroom Clean And Green

Want some great tips to help you keep your child’s bathroom free of harsh chemicals and toxic fumes. Try some of these ideas and green alternatives to help the environment and your little one! 1. Ditch the Liquid Soap Somewhere along the way liquid soap replaced good old fashioned bar soap, and we’re not sure why. What we do know is that bar soap lasts quite a bit longer and is a lot more eco-friendly with its packaging. The average bar soap is wrapped in a slip of paper or cardboard, which can be recycled or even better, composted.

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5 Dream Destinations for Your Second Honeymoon

Ill be completely honestmy honeymoon, nearly 20 years ago, wasnt all that great. I was sick in bed with the flu the whole first week on Kauai. The second week, my husband and I decided to try our hand at windsurfing on Maui. While I was feeling better, it was grueling. We ended each day bandaging our blistered hands (a side effect of gripping the boom when youre a beginner windsurfer …

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Sustainable Fashion: Interview With LISSA the shop Founder

Glamorous to many, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world. Not just because of the widespread use of pesticides and herbicides to treat textile crops, or the toxic coloring methods that eventually runs off into rivers, but because the fast-fashion industry promotes disposable fashion, cheap clothing that ends up in a landfill sooner rather than later.