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Top 100 British Baby Names

Like much of the rest of the world, British baby names are influenced by tradition, religion and family history. Many of the most popular names have been favorites for decades, loved generation after generation. Popular culture has a large influence, however, and names that come and go from the top 100 list are often those influenced by events and people living in a specific time period.

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Combining Baby Names

One of the highlights of being an expectant parent is choosing a name for your child. Many parents want a name that is as special as their child. After all, no one wants their child to be just one of several children in the same classroom with the same name. If you really want something distinctive, try combining two different names to make one new name.

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Bizarre But Real Baby Names

“Readers Digest” reports that uncommon baby names are becoming ever more the norm. According to the magazine, nearly 30 percent of all babies born in 1950 were given one of the top 10 most popular names. Today, less than 10 percent of all babies are given one of these common monikers. Many modern moms, eager to help their tot stand out in a sea of conformity, elect to bestow uncommon names upon their infants.

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Kinds of Birth Control Shots

There is only one birth control shot on the market in the United States for women–the Depo-Provera. This shot is a progesterone-only hormonal contraceptive given once every three months. Outside the United States, a monthly contraceptive injection is available, marketed under the brand names Cyclofem or Lunelle. Birth control shots are effective, but they do have risks and side effects.