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3 Financial Steps to Take Before Year-End

A new year is quickly approaching and that means a fresh start. Among the most common new year resolutions, money goals often take the lead. In fact, the 2020 New Year Financial Resolutions Study by Fidelity Investments found that 67% of respondents made a financial resolution including saving more, paying down debt and spending less.…

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Brave New Dads

Now heres a concept that would have made my ’70s mom spit out her martini: Dads who kvetch about the frustrations and joys of changing diapers, setting up playdates, and the best products to use to clean vomit off a highchair. What would have amazed her even more: hundreds of these dads gather annually at daddy conferences. The get-togethers are just as glitzy as marketing-to-moms conventions, with the dads events sponsored by mammoth brands such as Honda, Dove, Kraft and Huggies.