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No Kids Allowed: Businesses That Ban Children?

When my first child was born, I lived in New York City. My husband and I were accustomed to eating breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert in restaurants far more often than our own kitchen. We got a rude awakening the first time we tried to take our adorable infant to my favorite Italian restaurant. Think red-checked tablecloths, candles, and olive oil imported from Tivoli. I was on first-name terms with both the ricotta ala rigatoni and the matred.

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10 Summer Activities to Supercharge Your College Application Before Sophomore Year!

Congratulations on finishing your freshman year! As you move into your sophomore year of high school, here are 10 important steps you can take during the summer to enhance your college application: 1. Assess Your Interests and Goals: Start by reflecting on your academic interests and career aspirations. Identify areas you are passionate about and…

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Golden Bachelor Divorce – Why All Marriages Should Have a Prenup

Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist, stars of the reality show "The Golden Bachelor," have decided to end their marriage after just three months. The couple, who became engaged and married following their appearance on the show, announced their decision during an emotional interview on "Good Morning America." Despite the short duration of their marriage, both…

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Unlock Your College Dreams: Top Scholarship Resources for High School Students

Let's face it, it's one thing to get into college, and it's a whole other thing to be able to afford it. If you've got an eye on higher education, you've probably discovered how expensive it can be. As high school students prepare for the next chapter in their educational journey, the soaring costs of…