3 mins read

Food Additives to Avoid for Children

Although you want your children to eat healthy, whole foods, you can’t always avoid processed food items, especially when you are in a rush and need to get some sort of meal on the table. Always scan the ingredients list of the food you are considering, to make sure it doesn’t have certain additives you want to skip.

3 mins read

Eco-Friendly Cleaners vs Regular Household Cleaners

“Eco-friendly” is a big-time buzzword in the home-cleaning aisles at nearly every store. Specialty companies offer cleaning supplies of all sorts, often in distinctive packaging and fragrances. Even common household names are getting in on the green trend and marketing their own eco-friendly cleaning products. Eco-friendly cleaners often come with a higher price tag, but you may wonder whether they can make a difference in your home and for the environment.

2 mins read

SlimQuick Side Effects

Touted by its manufacturer as the world’s first and most advanced fat burner designed specifically for the woman’s body, SlimQuick also claims to help women overcome the challenges of losing fat. However, just like any other “miracle” diet pills, SlimQuick is not without side effects. If you are considering taking SlimQuick to lose weight, make sure you know the side effects and decide if they are worth the risks.

4 mins read

Mineral Makeup Vs. Liquid Makeup

It can be confusing when you walk down the makeup aisle. Suddenly, you face a dilemma–which type of makeup should you choose? The jury is still out as to which one is really the better of the two commonly used makeups–mineral or liquid. Many women prefer one to the other. Be the judge for yourself on which one is best for you by comparing the two.