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Rebecca Cardon: Deciding to Freeze My Eggs

Fitness expert Rebecca Cardon, from Amazing Race and Bravos Workout, opens up about her decision to freeze her eggs, chronicling the process from beginning to end. When your body’s ready for a baby but your mind isnt quite there, egg freezing buys some time for the mind and body to get on the same page. I always believed when I was a teenager that by the time I was 37, I would be married with 2.5 children.

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How to Memorize Times Tables

Memorizing doesn’t come easy to everybody. For some people, faces and names don’t seem to stick in their minds. For others, numbers just don’t seem to stick. Here are some tips and tricks for memorizing times tables. Make your numbers come alive! This is a memory trick which can be used in your everyday life…

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Don’t Break the Bank Over Summer Break!

Summer time – where the weathers warm and the livings easyand the gas prices are skyrocketing, luggage on airlines costs you at least an extra fifty bucks, and your dream ticket out of town is wildly unaffordable. What happened to the vacation part of summer vacation? AP Shopping Specialist Jodi Furman and fabuLESS are here to help you travel the world, soak up the rays on the beach, or have family fun time at a much more relaxing price. Outsmart your travel agent and kick your feet up with that break you deserve by using the following fabuLESS summer travel tips: