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How And How Much Will You Spend This Mother’s Day?

How will you be celebrating your Mom this year? In 2016, Americans spent $21.4 billion dollars on Mother’s Day (1). And this year, that number is expected to hit an all-time high of $23.6 billion. (2) And while celebrating mom has certainly taken different forms over the centuries, it is safe to say that we…

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Women, Money, and Why Asking for More Is Always a Good Idea

Boy oh boy. Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella, a tech veteran but new to the big Microsoft job since February, really goofed last week at an Arizona tech conference for women. Maria Klawe, a software engineer, former Princeton department head, and member of Microsoft’s board of directors, asked him about the problem of women getting paid…

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An Open Letter To Donald Sterling From A Multiracial Mom

Mr. Sterling,I have four children that are all sports fans. My oldest daughter is a Los Angeles Lakers fan. My other three are Los Angeles Clippers fans. We are a house divided by the sports teams we love and follow.But this week, we were united in sadness. While watching television, the kids and I heard the racially charged audiotapes that your multiracial girlfriend, V.Stiviano, made of you rambling on about black people …

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February Astrology

The early February planetary lineup in Aquarius, along with a Libra moon and Jupiter in Gemini, makes for a lot of air which inclines towards verbosity – but of course with many innovative and original ideas bandied about, so typical of Aquarius. This preponderance of refined air, the label attached to Aquarius, IS technologys true Homeland.