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Seven Parent-Approved Games Your Teens Should Be Playing

The first question most parents ask when it comes to teens and video games is whether the game is appropriate. Video games are often stereotyped as violent, but more and more of them are challenging that old association. Many games feature complex, nuanced storytelling. They educate players about important topics like free will, gender politics and self-expression, and teach skills like improved visual processing, problem solving and fortitude. A growing amount of research shows that …

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Earth Day Crafts, Games, and Activities to Do with Your Kids

Earth Day will be taking place on April 22nd this year as an annual reminder to protect the environment and live green. With a little effort, you can reduce your negative impact by recycling, using less water, and turning off lights when not in use. This is also a perfect chance to teach little ones about cherishing the earth and natural resources through fun activities and projects. By engaging your kids in environmentally friendly activities early on, they can reap good habits of sustainable living as adults. Crafts

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The Best BlackBerry Games

Aside from its powerful functions such as mobile email connection and office tools and software, the BlackBerry has a fun side to it as well. Access games and entertainment features on your BlackBerry while relaxing from a hard day’s work. Download some of the best BlackBerry games available and mix business with fun and pleasure.

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Family Games for New Years Eve

Waiting with the kids for the clock to strike midnight on New Year’s Eve calls for some engaging entertainment. And even if the kids aren’t still awake for the singing of “Auld Lang Syne,” the holiday should be a memorable occasion for however long they make it. Choose games that are challenging and different from those the family is used to playing, symbolic of the newness of the coming year.