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Remembering To Thank Everyone Involved in Your Child’s Life

Is it ever possible to thank all of the autism people who have been involved in your child’s life? We had a party on the day of our child’s first birthday. A friend mentioned something to us on that very day. Imagine your child’s very first birthday party, your only child. You’re so excited for that day. You’ve planned and worked hard so everything will be perfect. And, the day ends with you and your spouse pouring over autism-related websites wondering, “Is this my child?” That friend was the first in a long line of friends we’ve had to thank. But, how?

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We Are Never “Asking For It”

The following is a guest post by Alane Miller Howell, Ph.D.Imagine you are a man in a deserted area. You see a woman walking naked and drunk down the street. Nobody is around. Nobody will know. Do you rape her or help her? WHY?Chloe, a college freshman, goes to a fraternity party and passes out from drinking. She is raped by three fraternity brothers. When she returns home, her father and older …

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Silent Assassin: Teen Stress

Its a dog-eat-dog world out there. Colleges are getting more selective every year, and you have to get those scholarships to avoid excessive student loans. Good jobs are getting harder to find, too, unless you constantly perform at the top. Getting that high GPA while managing extracurricular activities- all while keeping a great attitude and avoiding distractions- seems to be the only path to college and career.