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First Birthday Card Projects

First birthday cards can be as monumental and as memorable as the day itself. Whether you are attending a party for the child or just want to mark the day with a special gift, make your card one-of-a-kind, sure to be treasured by her family. You can make an elaborate card or get everyone involved in a simple project.

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Divorce & Credit Cards

If you are getting a divorce, pay special attention to your credit cards. You may be liable for any credit card debt, particularly if your credit cards are joint accounts. If you divorce and still have joint credit cards, you are asking for trouble, according to the Credit Info Center website.

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April Astrology

What a charged up month it is, this April, with several planets in the impulsive do or die sign of pioneer Aries. Coming off of the intense full moon of last week, with the fertility rites of spring just behind us, symbolized by “Eostre” the Teutonic goddess of fertility whose totem was the rabbit.

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Could Cheating be GOOD for Your Marriage?

Forget marriage counseling or couple’s retreats – apparently the real key to a happy marriage is adultery. That’s the underlying premise of a new book from bestselling author and sociologist Catherine Hakim, who proposes that infidelity can actually revive a tired marriage. In “The New Rules: Internet Dating, Playfairs, and Erotic Power,”Hakim maintains that not only is it natural to think about being with another man, it would be healthier to act on those fantasies. Say what?