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Make Healthier Fast Food Choices

All of a sudden corporate giants are jumping on the health food bandwagon – touting new products as the newest discovery since sliced bread. Check out Mickey D’s new major campaign for their Real Fruit Smoothie. It’s great that you can drive-in and buy yourself a $2.29 smoothie, but buyer beware. Do you realize how many grams of sugar are in that 12 oz. drink? 42!!! That’s about 85% of your sugar intake for the day – based on daily intake of 2,000 calories. The good news is – it’s better than a soda with high fructose corn syrup, which of course, we all know should be outlawed. Don’t even get me started on “energy” bars. Here’s some helpful tips on eating fast food – because as Mickey D says “You deserve a break today”.

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How Do You Make Good Food Choices?

Have you heard about NuVal?NuVal is a food scoring system that rates food on a scale of 1 100 based on nutrition. From the first time I heard about NuVal I was really intrigued. Now I find myself going back to their website ( NuVal.com ), and member blogs looking to learn more about how different foods score.