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March Astrology

Dear everyone, here comes March and what do we have? The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, Chiron, all swimming in the emotional waterworld of the ocean god. This is just how last month ended, with Mercury and Saturn retrograde, causing us to look backwards and review and re-investigate various details and make some changes.

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How to Throw a Barbecue-Themed Party

If you want to have people talking about your amazing barbecue-themed party for months after it happens, you need to wrap the entire theme around a single concept. Beyond the obvious, which is to serve great food, you can also incorporate costumes, games and decorations that will provide a party your friends and family will still be raving about long after the warm summer has ended. Putting it all together won’t be difficult if you focus on staying organized.

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Birthday Party Location Ideas

Location, location, location–the old business mantra holds true for memorable birthday parties as well. The venue you choose for a birthday party affects your choice of food, activities, decorations–even the time and date of your party. The right birthday party location can reduce your planning work and turn the gathering into a treasured birthday memory.