2 mins read

Ideas for a Modern Thanksgiving Table

Creating a modern table space upon which to place your Thanksgiving theme is an effective way to set the feel for your seasonal celebration. While some opt for table decorations featuring classic pilgrims and turkeys, others seek a more contemporary decorating scene for their space. As you set about decorating your table this Thanksgiving holiday, consider adopting some modern decorating practices to bring your place setting into the now.

3 mins read

Table Decoration Ideas for a Birthday Party

While your birthday party guests came to celebrate your special day and not to critique the decorations, festive and engaging table decorations can add excitement to your party and make the event more enjoyable for everyone involved. When decorating your birthday party tables, you don’t have to invest a fortune or stay up all night, toiling away. With simple planning and consideration of the mood of your event, you can ensure that you build memorable table decorations that enhance your overall party.