4 mins read

Make Spring Cleaning FUN!

Every Sunday morning my family does our weekly deep cleaning. It is a time to clean up and organize for the week. We were sitting at breakfast when I reminded my kids that after breakfast it was time to organize their rooms, play some music, and have fun while they cleaned up a bit. My son remarked that Sundays were “lazy days”, not clean up days.

2 mins read

How to Organize Your Computer Desk

Wires crossing the desk, stacked papers and random office supplies litter the top of many computer desks. Getting the clutter under control makes the computer workspace more productive and more enjoyable to use. Wireless computer devices help simplify the computer desk because they eliminate the troublesome wires, but you will still have some cords. Customize the computer desk organization system to match your style, with the goal of making the space neater and more accessible.