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The “Sum” of Education in America is NOT Adding Up!

On my day off from my Manny gig I went to the movies and watched Waiting For Superman. This film was amazing. It had all the components to a major blockbuster. Love, loss, humor, suspense, etc. But unlike most Hollywood blockbusters it did not have a huge budget, special effects, and the biggest name in the cast was that of Davis Guggenheim.

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60 Back To School Must Haves

Forget about the same old school supplies! We’ve rounded up this year’s must-haves to kick the school year off right - and in style. Organizing & Accessorizing Blush Dream Desk Set by Poppin A perfect choice for the highly organized, this gorgeous blush Desk Set couldn't be easier to get it all together! The Set…

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Is Your Family Dairy-Free? Make Your Own Coconut Milk!

Coconut milk is one my familys favorite non-dairy options. We use it in everything from coffee to cereal and it makes a delicious hot chocolate. The possibilities are endless.I love that every month it seems like there are more and more choices on the grocery store shelves for all of us who want an alternative to dairy. Demand speaks and it is my dream to one day (hopefully soon!) see proper labeling on …

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Baby Dressers Recalled Following the Deaths of Three Toddlers

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued recalls for two types of children’s dressers following the deaths of three toddlers possibly resulting from the furniture tipping over onto them. The concern in both cases is that children will open the dresser drawers to scale the furniture, causing it to become unbalanced and fall over, possibly trapping the child.