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Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening, In the lane, snow is glistening A beautiful sight, We’re happy tonight, Walking in a winter wonderland. Im so excited for the holidays that I’ve been singing all the time, loudly, very loudly, and I dont have a great voice but who cares? Its the holidays!!!It is with so much joy I share with you today a delightful gingerbread cookie recipe. Not only …

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Gluten-Free Cornbread Recipe

When I think of Thanksgiving, I often wonder about the first Thanksgiving and what that might have looked like.The first Thanksgiving occurred in the fall of 1621, between the Pilgrims and the native Wampanoag people. The meals were thought to have occurred for almost a week. Many of our modern-day traditional foods such as cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes were not even invented yet!Although our Thanksgiving meals have transformed over the years, I …

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The Road to Reading

My sister taught me how to read. Sure, there were a long line of teacher lessons, flash cards and episodes of Sesame Street that primed me for the big moment, but those memories are vague and faded – mere baby steps on the grand journey to literacy.