7 mins read

Helping Your Teen Put Together College Applications

So what does it take to get into college? Well, the answer depends on quite a few factors. The type of major, high school academics, standardized test scores, teacher recommendations, the personal statement, the interview, extra-curricular activities, leadership skillsthe list goes on and on. Thats why, as Ive said many times before, its best to start thinking about college early. How early? In my opinion, it truly is never too early.

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Why I’m Saying No to Mom Bangs

Two of Americas most famous and wildly different moms – singer Jennifer Lopez and mom-in-chief Michelle Obama – revealed nearly identical haircuts last week. Bangs. Mom bangs, to be exact. For most of my life, I thought bangs were for first-graders. A badge of childhood. Something you outgrew by age seven. Instructions your mother gave the hair salon for your little brothers first haircut, as in Just give im some bangs. You know, cute.