2 mins read

Kids Have No Filter: Collection of Favorites

Last week, we featured a blog post called “Frank and Funny: Kids Have No Filters.” It’s about those moments when your child says something totally embarrassing and you wish the floor would just open up and swallow you whole. You know what we’re talking about – you’re in a public place, when all of the sudden your little darling loudly points out some observation or repeats something you once told them.

8 mins read

The Importance of Data Collection

Why collect data? What does data collection have to do with your child’s behavior(s)? In my last blog, I explained the term, S.E.A.T. SEAT is a tool to help us understand and root out the cause of a child’s unexpected and usually “bad” behavior. Was it a sensory issue, an escape issue, an attention issue, or a tangible issue that led up to a behavior?

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Bone Collection USB Drives

With all the computer files and documents you need to keep at your fingertips, a USB drive can definitely come in handy! The Bone Collection USB Drives are adorable little flash drives that come in all different types of animal, figure and Chinese zodiac shapes.

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Hello Kitty Collection at Sephora

I have to admit it — I love Hello Kitty! From pencils, erasers, earrings – I even took a second glance at the Hello Kitty Smart Car (I would never actually buy it, but it was fun to think about!) So when a trusted name like Sephora comes out with Hello Kitty Collection, you can bet I’m on line to get it.