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Tips for Matching Clothing Color

Some women look put together even when they are out, walking the dog. Their shoes match their pants and their headbands coordinate with their backpacks. Many women, though, struggle to choose tops that match pants or skirts and get frustrated when prints create creative chaos in wardrobes. You can learn to make matching clothing color less of a chore and turn yourself from fashion tragedy to trendsetter.

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Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are unique in that they do not have an opposite hue on the color wheel. Nor do they have a complementary color per se, though they often contain accents of colors beside brown. Because brown is a combination of other colors, you can use accents throughout the spectrum in your makeup. That said, there are certain tips and tricks for doing makeup for brown-eyed people that will bring out the best in their eyes and faces.

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Veggie Platters: Tips and Tricks

I had a blast this morning during my appearance on Table Talk. We talked about the blog and I shared my passion for putting together a gorgeous veggie platter. Below are the tips we discussed and links to some of my tasty dip recipes:

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Gray Hair Tips

Going gray can be freeing. You no longer have to spend time getting frequent dye jobs to cover the gray. The cost of constantly washing away the gray can become cumbersome. Once you decide to go gray, there are things that you can do to ensure your silver style is successful.