2 mins read

Three Technology Resolutions for 2013

Ill be honest and come out (Not like Jodie Foster mind you) and say it – Im horrible at New Year resolutions. I fall off the wagon about 10 minutes in; however maybe this year will be better. My main goal in 2013 is to be more organized, particularly around my finances and technology-related information such as pictures and apps. Below are some tips and tricks to help keep my 2013 New Year resolutions.

1 min read

Cute Fashion Finds for Boys

When it comes to clothing for my son, I’m always on the look out for cute and stylish items without going brizoke. Lets face it, these kiddos grow so quickly that the idea of splurging is just plain crazy! Here are a few super cute finds I recently acquired for Brennen to wear. (Some are already on sale and ready for wear and tear.)

3 mins read

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party Ideas

Scavenger hunts are a common activity for older children, teens and even adults during birthday parties. Scavenger hunts typically start with a list of odd items that must be obtained from neighbors, nature, the mall or wherever your birthday party is being held. Each item will have a predetermined point value, and a list of rules must be followed. Split your party guests into teams, and let the hunt begin.