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Breathing Difficulties in Children

While taking a breath should be simple, some children struggle with difficulties that make taking in air more challenging. If your child seems to be exhibiting difficulty breathing, an assortment of causes could be at the root of this struggle. By exploring the potential breath-related challenges with which your child is dealing, you can more effectively help him overcome this struggle.

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Sensory Difficulties in People with Autism

I found this list very helpful in understanding how a person can measure another personʼs sensory difficulties. It looks like good explanation of sensory processing issues for a layperson. What are sensory difficulties? Difficulties with loud noises, smells, being hugged, walking on certain surfaces, and having certain foods in your mouth are some examples. People…

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Emotional Difficulties in Adoptees

For adoptees, exit from one family and entrance into another can create an array of emotional challenges. This major life change can lead to challenges both in the years immediately following the adoption as well as in the future when the adoptee attempts to delve deeper into who he is and forms relationships with others.

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What Are Common Problems in Marriages Today?

Once the honeymoon is over, it’s time to get down to the reality of marriage. Soon enough, you have to face the facts: most marriages have problems, so don’t feel like you’re the only couple in the world having spats. Learn to recognize the most common problems in marriages today and how to handle them together, and you’ll make your union stronger and longer. According to a November 2007 report by Mayo Clinic staff, a couple has to learn to understand and respect each other’s differences and accept opposing views to make a marriage work.

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Is Your Thyroid to Blame?

Did you know that having an abnormally high or low thyroid can cause you to miscarry and wreak havoc on your body? January is Thyroid Awareness Month? I thought talking about how vital our thyroid is to our body functions, including pregnancy, would be a great way to start the year off. One of the…