5 mins read

Navigating Common Breastfeeding Concerns During the Uncertainty of a Pandemic

Breastfeeding can be complicated and difficult enough during “normal” times. However, new mothers’ concerns become magnified during a pandemic when in-person resources, like local breastfeeding classes, are not as available. As a certified lactation consultant, I’m here to help by sharing answers to the most common breastfeeding questions and concerns I receive from clients and…

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Midwifery Practices in Delivering a Baby

When it comes to the way you want to deliver your baby, you have options. Midwifery practices for delivering a baby often vary from what traditional doctors use, but this may be just what you need to have as relaxing of a delivery as you possibly can. Before you decide what type of health care provider to use, you might want to learn more about midwifery and its delivery practices.

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French Baby Names

French baby names, or prénoms, range from traditional names, such as the ever-popular Marie (which means “bitter”) to trendy names such as Acel (or Aceline), which means “noble.” Often, the French combine two names together to make one name, such as in the case of Anne-Marie or Jean-Luc. This common practice accounts for some of the most popular names in the country.