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Back To School Must-Haves

You can almost hear the tears of kids everywhere this time of year because of the inevitable BACK-TO-SCHOOL. Some parents are secretly jumping for joy to get their kids back on a routine, while some are dreading the early morning chaos and afternoon homework struggles. But I do think one thing is common for most…

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Tips on Exercising While Pregnant

Exercise is generally safe for pregnant women and might even make you feel better. Physical activity gives you more energy and might help relieve back pain and constipation that are common during pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy should focus more on overall wellness than weight loss, which isn’t recommended while pregnant.

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The Autism Vaccination Debate

The Autism Vaccination Debate I have discussed my views before about vaccines and autism. I do not believe vaccines cause autism. Study after study has dis-proved any link between vaccinations and autism. Additionally, I also believe that not vaccinating your child(ren) will have very dangerous consequences for the health of the general public of our…