1 min read

The Truth About Beauty

By Michelle Phillips, Celebrity Makeup Artist For many of us, what is holding us back from feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what’s actually in the mirror, it’s how we feel about ourselves. And how we feel about ourselves can be a product of negative self-talk that we listen to that tells us, “I’m…

7 mins read

15 Things You Should Give Up to Be a Happy Parent

You want to be a happy parent—but your countless responsibilities make this goal challenging! Don’t lose hope just yet. I have a list of 15 things that keep you from happy parenting. Read through them. Be honest with yourself. Then let them go. Allow yourself to be a happy parent for your child—and yourself! Here’s…

5 mins read

Children With Special Needs: Understanding Idioms

My autistic child is a very literal thinker. He is much more comfortable with the concrete; numbers, exact measurements, details about preferred topics, and proper names of things. Numbers are especially satisfying to him. He is confident with the concrete.

2 mins read

Manic Depression in Teens

While a little bit of depression is almost characteristic of teenage hood, some teens suffer from a medical condition that makes their bouts of depression and rebounding fits of mania even more severe. Teens who struggle with manic depression are not capable of handling many of the minor issues that traditionally fill the teenage years. If you notice that your teen’s upset is not fleeting, but instead more severe than most, he may be a manic depressive sufferer.