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Eat a Raw Food Diet and Look Younger

What is this raw food diet all about and how can it make me look younger? What’s it all about and how can I incorporate it into my life without countless hours of dehydration and food preparation? The raw food lifestyle is rapidly becoming the most talked about diet in America despite a haze of skepticism shrouding the movement. To all the skeptics, I see where you’re coming from: If I only eat raw, will I stop shaving my armpits and join a commune? Will I become that annoying evangelist who never gets invited to a dinner party because I only talk about raw food and how it makes you super human? I offer to you my own life as evidence: my real mom experience with the raw food diet and how I walked away from nine months of being 99% raw to become a total fan of raw food AND someone you still might want to invite to a dinner party. At least I hope!