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Menopause Symptoms & Sex

Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when she stops menstruating and thus can no longer bear children, according to Net Doctor. While the hormonal changes in a menopausal woman’s body can wreak havoc on previously enjoyed activities, including intercourse, this phase in life does not necessarily mean the end of sex, notes “Woman’s Day Magazine.”

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How to Detect Fake Handbags

Expensive designer handbags are highly coveted. In some cases, women even have to place their names on waiting lists to procure one of these precious purses. Because of the monetary value and desirable nature of these must-have handbags, there is a major market for knock-off goods. In some cases, these knock-offs are easy to spot and avoid, but in others even the most skilled consumer could be tricked by the highly skilled reproduction offered. If you want to ensure that the handbag you want is an original, use your detective skills and give the prospective purchase a careful inspection before you part with your cash.

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Pregnancy, Bleeding & Miscarriage

A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy that can include some light spotting or bleeding. Bleeding is also a sign of miscarriage. When a pregnant woman starts to bleed, she panics. It can help alleviate concerns when you understand how bleeding during pregnancy relates to miscarriage and what the signs of miscarriage are.