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Signs of a Genius Baby

While most babies fall within the intellectual norm, some already show signs of exceptionality, even during infancy. If you have a suspicion that your new baby may be a bit smarter than the rest, look for signs that you have a baby genius on your hands. If your infant shows the signs, he may well grow up to be head of his class, outperforming his peers.

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Moms Who Kill Their Kids

Its the motherlode of motherhoods darkest topics, guaranteed to make you recoil even if you have personal familiarity with miscarriage, infertility, birth defects, stillborn infants or child abuse: moms who kill their own kids. The predictable reaction when a mom murders children: headlines sure to inspire shock and horror.

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What Wedding Season Means For Parents

Oh, April. The blooming trees. The pretty flowers. The longer, sunnier days.And the start of the wedding season.For parents, other peoples weddings bring unique stresses. The flawless embossed invitation arrives. A work of art, complete with your calligraphied name and address decorating the envelope like twining ivy, topped by a carefully love-themed stamp. A creation that the bride and groom clearly put more time, effort, creativity and cash into than a kitchen …