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Unconditional Love

When we see someone we feel is in need of help it can be heart wrenching to watch. It is human nature to start trying to help by controlling. Our hearts might be in the right place but too often our minds take over. This phenomenon can be seen worldwide with many of our foreign policies, but it is a large scale mirror of what happens frequently on the individual level.

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How to Clean a House Air-Conditioning Unit

While repairs to an air-conditioning unit usually require a professional technician, periodic cleaning is something most homeowners can do. Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils once each year can help keep your unit performing at its highest efficiency. While air-conditioning units vary depending on the model and manufacturer, basic cleaning procedures are similar.

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Teenage Heart Conditions

You may associate heart conditions such as heart attack or coronary artery disease with adults, not teenagers. Teenagers can have heart conditions too, although they are usually not the same conditions that plaque adults. Some conditions are the result of birth defects, while others result from insufficient medical care or an unhealthy lifestyle.