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Rumors Confirmed: Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant!

Jessica Simpson has some super surprising Halloween news… she’s pregnant! Oh wait, we sort of already knew that. The 31-year-old singer and fashion designerhas been the subject of pregnancy rumors for the past few weeks – mostly because of her incredibly obvious baby bump.

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Graduation & Birthday & Confirmation Party Ideas

The path to adulthood contains several milestones for children. Certain birthdays, such as the 13th, Sweet 16 and 18th, seem more important than others and may deserve bigger and more elaborate parties. Other milestones include graduating from high school or college and being confirmed in their faith for some children. No matter what the milestone, make it one to remember by throwing your child a great party.

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Minnie Driver Confirms Pregnancy to Jay Leno

Actress Minnie Driver ended months of speculation last night by confirming that she is expecting her first child. Appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” Minnie made the announcement after Jay joked about her weight. “Are you calling me fat? Youve noticed my tummy havent you? Driver replied to his comments. Are you pregnant? Leno then asked.