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Our World Wide Connection

It is extremely powerful that so many of us are connected around the world through the internet. Think about at how much time is spent each day nourishing that connection. How many hours are spent online when you add up each of us combined? It is truly astounding! Our connection online is magnificent, and can be used to do so much good.

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Finding Happiness: The Power of Connection

Similar to my son and I having regular Mommy-son 20 minutes, my husband and I do the same. Only our 20 minutes comes in the form of an evening soak in the tub directly following the kids bedtime. In that space there are no distractions. Simply the 2 of us talking about our day, about whatever is on our mind, about our dreams. It is 20 minutes of powerful one on one connection.

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Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

If you pride yourself on being tech savvy and efficient, then I’ve discovered the perfect tool for you! It’s a faster method of getting photos on your iPad than via iTunes. This little accessory allows you to plug an SD card into your iPad or directly connect your camera to your iPad via USB.

2 mins read

Our Connection

One of the most powerful forces that is not seen by the naked eye, but felt by the heart, is our connection. Our connection to everything and everyone. When you love, you feel that connection. Love triumphs when you feel connected to others and the planet.