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Consequences of Teen Drug Abuse

If there is one thing a teen hates hearing, it is when you say, “Because I said so.” Many parents pull out this go-to response when teens question the rules. For some teens, this response makes them even more eager to engage in the forbidden behavior. When talking to your teen about drug abuse, it is vital that you resist the urge to state that drugs are bad. Your teen will not understand the full array of potential consequences associated with drug use. When you speak to your teen about drugs, share with him the real reasons why he should refrain from drug abuse.

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I’m in Mexico with David and the little ones, enjoying a three-day getaway. Its so beautiful here and just what we needed. Last night the dinner conversation with our friends was intimate, intense, and left many of us with much to think about. Everyone took their turn around the table sharing intimate childhood memories. We discussed and dissected family matters and talked about what has molded us to be who we are.

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Pending Divorce: Money Tips Before You Split

The ongoing custody battle between celebrity couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner has taken an unexpected turn. Amid the legal proceedings, Joe and Sophie have reached a temporary agreement concerning their children’s living arrangements, preventing them from leaving the greater New York City area. This development comes shortly after Sophie Turner’s recent filing, where she expressed her intention to permanently relocate their children to the United Kingdom.