4 mins read

I Promise To Let You Have Ugly Hair

I recently spent time around a table with some older and wiser mothers. Conversation soon turned to teenagers. I envied my own budding members of this often maligned demographic, who sat on the hostess’ matching recliners, lost in competition on their iPods, while the battle-worn women told of children morphing into angry, emotionally unstable – even abusive – teens.

11 mins read

When Do You Come Clean About Santa?

Heres the scene. 7:32 a.m., we have finally made it into the car and are on our way to school. We wake up, every morning with plenty of time to get there before the bell, but as usual, we are inevitably running late and I no longer have my sweet morning voice, Im now in the Army Sergeant voice, with a lets go, lets go, lets go. All …

5 mins read

I Am Just A Mom

I think it was when my oldest started school, that my old identity was replaced with a new one. I was no longer Errin, the girl who knew how to have fun, the funny one, the free spirit. I was now Ayden's Mom. Yep, just Ayden's Mom. Instead of being known for my adventurous side,…