3 mins read

Contacts That Change Your Eye Color

It used to be that colored contact lenses were just for movie props. However, since contact lens manufacturers started making colored contact lenses, people wearing nonprescription and prescription contact lenses also use them daily. Colored contact lenses can make the windows to your soul look different. Choose the type of colored lenses that will work whether you want to make a fashion statement, wear them as part of a costume or wear them for medical purposes.

3 mins read

How Long Can I Wear My Contacts?

You probably wear your contacts longer than your eye doctor told you to, and you’ve got this nagging worry that you will go blind. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), more than 30 million people in the United States wear contact lenses, and most of them are women. Moms are busy people and don’t always have time to remove and care for their contact lenses properly.

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How to Order Contacts Online

Realizing you are down to your last pair of contact lenses and are too busy to call the eye care clinic during business hours can be quite a dilemma. You know you need to have them, and you want to be sure you are getting the best price, but between working and chasing kids all day you can never seem to get it done. Ordering contact lenses online allows you to shop around for the best deal as well as take care of it no matter what time of day or night you find the time.