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How to Treat a Cooking Burn

You’re preparing dinner for the family when you accidentally grab a hot pot without a potholder, or boiling water splashes onto your hand while you’re draining the pot of pasta. A cooking burn will most likely be either a firs-t or second-degree burn where only the first or second layers of skin are injured. You can treat small burns like these at home, but see a doctor if the burn is over 2 inches in size or is on your face.

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Cooking With Young Children

Cooking with young children proves beneficial in many ways. Children learn about measurements and learn to follow a specific set of directions. Cooking provides bonding time for parents and kids. It can even result in a lesson on cause and effect when the recipe doesn’t turn out quite right. Young children might eat more types of food when they help cook them. Children as young as eighteen months can assist with adding ingredients and stirring the mixture, making it an ideal activity for the entire family.