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Keep Your Kids Safe This Halloween!

Trick or treating is one of the great American traditions, and we can still enjoy a safe night out trolling for goodiesprovided we use some common sense and give our kids a few important guidelines. Maybe youll be accompanying your hobgoblins door to door this year, or perhaps you have older children venturing out on their own with friends. Here are some general safety tips along with reminders for parents and important advice for older kids.

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Perfect Game Day Food: Avocado Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

Its Game Day! Trust me theres always a game on TV, every single day, except for Thanksgiving Oh no wait theres a game on that day too! If your household is anything like mine, we LOVE sports, and by we I mean mainly my husband. Hockey, football, baseball, golf, basketball if theres a ball involved its one of my husbands favorites, if not Im sure we can still watch that one too.