4 mins read

Weaning Your Baby: Debunking Common Myths

So, you feel it is time to wean your baby and you are wondering how to approach it. Ask yourself these questions before you make your final decision. Is it intuitively correct to stop nursing, or are others influencing me? Since breastfeed babies eat more often than formula feed babies, nursing women are falsely told that their babies are hungry – lacking the nutrition of formula.

2 mins read

Vitamins to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Switching to a shorter hairstyle seldom takes longer than waiting for an opening with your stylist, but growing out a cut requires patience and persistence. Although your genetic makeup plays a major role in determining the rate of your hair growth, proper styling procedures, as well as a nutritious diet that contains adequate vitamins, can help your hair grow at the fastest rate possible.

3 mins read

Preparing to Get Pregnant

A healthy pregnancy begins long before the sperm meets the egg. Preconception refers to the weeks or months leading up to conception. Planning ahead of time for your future pregnancy allows you to address any health and nutritional concerns, as well as providing sufficient time to prepare yourself mentally for the upcoming experience of pregnancy and motherhood.

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Foods for the Sex Drive

The connection between food and libido stretches across generations of people and cultures. Named after the Greek goddess of beauty and sexual love, aphrodisiacs are foods that boost sexual desire. According to Psychology Today, certain foods can affect your ability to enjoy sex. While our ancestors may not have possessed the scientific reasons for eating certain foods to boost their libido, they may have been on the right track in identifying foods for their aphrodisiac properties. Many of these foods also contain healthy nutrients that may enhance your overall state of health.