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The Average Cost of Braces for Kids

When your baby gets her first tooth, it’s a milestone worthy of a celebration. But when she gets older and your dentist recommends braces, perhaps because of an overbite, crooked or crowded teeth, you might need to brace yourself literally for some sticker shock. Braces are expensive, and even if you have dental insurance, it may not cover much of the cost.

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What Is the Cost of Cosmetic Surgery?

Almost everyone has some area of her body that she doesn’t like. Not many people are willing to go far enough to change it with cosmetic surgery, though. If you are considering cosmetic surgery to change the areas you don’t like, the cost is probably one of your biggest concerns. Costs can vary from medical practice to medical practice, so it is smart to compare your options.

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3 Financial Moves to Make Before You Buy a Home

Home sales in the U.S. are skyrocketing as interest rates remain at historically low levels. In fact, Zillow expects nearly 7 million existing-home sales this year—the most since 2005. With so many prospective homebuyers on the market, you too may be wondering if it’s time to take the plunge into homeownership. Before you begin hunting…