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What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up?

That was the question I asked 25 Grade 2 students this morning. And I got a gamut of answers, A businessman, a lawyer, a nurse, a doctor, a spy like my mom (hmmm okay), an opera singer (yes I laughed too), a celebrity (what career is that exactly?), a baseball player, a hockey player, go into my daddys business, a JUGGLER. OK great answers! Yes, I just left my sons school for Parents …

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The Cost for Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty comes with a price. If your idea of beauty is a little cosmetic surgery and update, that price may be rather costly. These prices depend on which surgery you are doing and who is doing the procedure. It may or may not be worth it to you, depending on how long the surgery will last, how much of an impact it will make on your psyche and how many other risks you incur.

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About Surrogate Mothers

For many couples unable to have a child on their own, using a surrogate mother is an excellent option. Although there are a number of financial and legal requirements for the couple and surrogate, surrogate agencies can help simplify the process by ensuring that the rights of the parents and the surrogate are honored and protected.

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Earth Day Spotlight: Meet Carson With Charity Arrows

You know those amazing stories that instantly touch your heart and bring you joy? This is one of those. Charity Arrows, strives to empower and uplift children and community organizations through sustainable and innovative means. Their organization is dedicated to turning old, unsalvageable, or discarded arrows and repurposing them into meaningful treasures such as pens…

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Surrogate Pregnancy

A surrogate pregnancy is an option for couples with fertility problems or who cannot carry a baby to term. A woman carries and delivers the baby for the couple. Surrogacy comes with many pros and cons for both the couple and the surrogate mother. Learning all the aspects of surrogacy helps a couple decide if it is the best option.